Digging for evidence: lawyer of injured workers visits area of scaffolding accident

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HOUSTON - Was it negligence or just bad luck?  Almost a week after a massive scaffolding collapsed across the street from Minute Maid Park, still nobody knows exactly what happened.

Six construction workers were seriously injured in the incident.  Victor Rubalcava is one of them.  He fell from the third floor but miraculously survived.  Now it's time for attorney Vuk Vujasinovic, his lawyer, to go back to the scene and start digging for evidence.

"We're gonna go in there with our safety professional we brought here today," he said before entering the property on 500 Crawford St.

The judge granted a temporary restraining order, which prevents any evidence from being removed from the scene.  However, most of the collapsed structure was actually moved from the front of the building to allow construction work to resume.

"The companies were so quick to clean this up and get back to work… I mean: we didn't have an opportunity to get out here any earlier," Vujasinovic explained.

The attorney is now representing two more of the injured workers: Tomas Rivas and Jose Luis Martinez.

"A big question I have is why was, at least one of our clients, being paid cash on this job?", he asked.

According to the lawyer, next steps - including filing lawsuits - will be defined only after OSHA, the Occupation Safety & Health Administration, submits its report and the footage captured by cameras around the stadium is gathered.

"I don't believe is responsible to make allegations or sue people until I've got the evidence that says whether or not we feel that somebody is at fault," the Vujasinovic concluded.

Scaffolding collapsed right in the heart of downtown Houston.  Hopefully one of these days the truth of how and why this happened will surface.  And whatever the cause may be, all can agree that it should never happen again.


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