Doctors thaw, revive man found frozen on the side of the road

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MCADOO, PA - Move over, Ted Williams; there's a new frozen guy in town and he actually came back to life. Doctors are now calling Pennsylvania's Justin Smith a "medical miracle."

"It was really hard to it was really hard to imagine that anyone on earth could survive this," said Dr. John Castaldo with Lehigh Valley Hospital.

It all started with a night of fun nearly a year ago.

"We were going to the fire hall to hang out, having a couple drinks with some people and I wanted to go home around 10 o`clock," Smith said.

However, he never made it home. His dad found him the next morning, frozen on the side of the road.

"He was blue, his face he was lifeless," remembered Don Smith. "I checked for a pulse, I checked for a heartbeat there was nothing."

When emergency crews got on scene, they initially treated it like a death investigation, but doctors realized there was a chance to save Smith.

"When you have very low temperature, it can preserve the brain and other organ functions," said Dr. James Wu.

For two hours, crews performed CPR, then used an ECMO machine to warm up his blood. His heart eventually thawed enough to start beating on its own. In the end, Smith only ended up losing his pinky fingers, all of his toes and a couple weeks that he was in a coma,

"It`s like I woke up from a dream, but it wasn`t a dream you know," he said.


Smith is now back to school at Penn State and is working on finishing his degree in psychology.




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