Documentary director talks electronic cigarette safety in Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – In a world of good and bad, right and wrong, black and white, electronic cigarettes are not safe. That`s because nicotine isn`t good for you. It doesn`t cause cancer, but it isn`t good for you.

But for those addicted to tobacco products and not concerned with a world of absolutes, only Sith deal in absolutes after all, these light saber-like personal vaping devices are safer than cigarettes. And that`s all that matters to them.

Linc Williams, director of the new documentary “We Are Vapers” was at The Vapor Gypsy in Houston this weekend discussing proposed regulation, cautionary advice and industry standards set for the e-cig industry.

“I would never say anything is safe. Drinking Coke and Diet Coke is never safe, there’s always risk… but they’re magnitudes of order safer than a traditional tobacco cigarette,” Williams says.

In April, the FDA made moves to keep nicotine sale away from those not legally of age to smoke, and to try and regulate standards for manufactures. So what`s the controversy?

“There are some people that believe in abstinence only type of policy, where anything that resembles smoking is bad.

While opinions remain cloudy, at least some Houstonians are taking the time to hear the facts.

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