Dove Meadows Exxonmobile Wastewater Concerns

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exxonSPRING, TX – Residents in Spring are looking for answers. They`re worried about their water system.

The Dove Meadows Homeowners Association held a meeting with residents. They`re concerned about ExxonMobil, saying the company is dumping dangerous wastewater in their neighborhood.

Residents say they`ve seen it and asked questions, but got little answers.

‘I asked the gentlemen in the truck, `What are you dumping?` and he said, `I don`t know,`’ said Michael Jones, Dove Meadows HOA president.

That has them worried.

ExxonMobil, along with the Meadowhill Regional Municipal Utility District released a statement saying the water isn`t going anywhere unsafe, and that it`s simply going into the district`s wastewater system for treatment.

However, residents are still looking into it and hope to get some more concrete answers soon.



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