Farming in London goes underground

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LONDON, ENGLAND – Property in London is some of the most expensive in the world. That’s why one British entrepreneur has decided to cut costs by growing his latest venture underground.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

100 feet below your feet, in a World War II bunker, there’s a new innovative farming experiment raising eyebrows. It’s taking place in the dark, damp and rusty tube tunnels of London where the temperature is a constant 16 degrees.

Could this be the future of modern farming in Britain?

Right now, filtered water is being used with hopes that enough rain water will collect over time.

The rain water would be filtered and used as an organic alternative. Pretty cool stuff.

For the time being, they have one tunnel with two and a half acres of space.

They’re growing garlic shives, pea shoots and thai basil among other products. With London’s above ground property prices through the roof, this underground business has major growth potential.

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