FBI video of adds to controversy surrounding fatal police shooting of Oregon occupier

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PORTLAND, OR – Thanks to the FBI, the public is getting another opportunity to see what many believe are law officers gunning down a man trying to surrender.

That man was Lavoy Finicum, one of the group occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Center in Oregon for the past few weeks.

Oregon state police say officers shot Finicum as he reached into his pocket where they later found a 9-mm handgun.

The 26-minute video shows Finicum leaving a traffic stop and driving toward a roadblock.  That’s where he ended up off the road in a snow bank when he tried to go around, narrowly missing an officer.

At this point, the video shows Finicum getting out of the vehicle with his hands up, and walking away from the vehicle.

We don’t know what was said between Finicum and the officers, but a few seconds later, an officer appears to come up from behind and shoot him.

The feds say they released the video to dispel rumors that Finicum was surrendering when he died. But, instead, it only added to the controversy.

One person tweeted that she saw a good guy with a gun, stop a bad guy with a gun, while another person tweeted about an enhanced version online that seems to show Finicum’s hands in the air when the officer shot him.

Meanwhile, the four occupiers still at the refuge say they won’t leave until authorities agree not to arrest them.

Ten other occupiers face federal charges that include threatening federal officers in a peaceful occupation that ended in death.


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