Fight clubs turn up in California high school and San Francisco jail

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GRASS VALLEY, CA – Most of us already know the first rule of Fight Club, which is not to talk about Fight Club.

Posting videos to social media is the same as talking about it.

Videos of a fight club at a high school in Grass Valley, CA, turned up on social media sites. They show guys wearing gloves, but they don’t wear helmets or any other things to protect their knuckleheads.

Some of them are wearing baseball uniforms, which makes sense, because they held the fights in a run-down baseball clubhouse on school property.

Apparently this has been going on for several months, maybe lots of several months, until a parent showed a video to administrators.

"We immediately opened an investigation,” said the district’s superintendent Louise Johnson. “We've shut down the location where the fight had taken place."

Some sheriff’s deputies in San Francisco apparently didn’t explain the second rule of fight club, which is do not talk about Fight Club.

Prosecutors say two deputies and a former deputy forced county jail inmates to fight each other to entertain the deputies.

Jeff Adachi is the attorney for one of the fighting inmates. "We called this sort of a Game of Thrones Gladiator Fight because it really was done for jest and they were betting money on the winner."

Investigators say the former deputy told the prisoners they’d be sprayed with pepper spray, shocked with a stun gun, or beaten if they didn’t fight.

The other two deputies apparently didn’t stop it.

And that brings us to the last rule of fight club, which is if it’s your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight.


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