Filthy house for sale

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HOUSTON- If you`re house hunting and looking for a fixer upper, realtor Paul Gomberg may just have the crib for you.

“It’s a lovely house in Huntwick Forest on a street called Willow Walk- beautiful street. It’s just got one major problem.” Hmm, how do we say this? It`s full of...excrement. Literally, there crap, poo poo, and doodys all over this house. This is what 12 dogs, 6 cats and a pot-bellied pig, can do to your house.

We`re talking nearly 3,500 square feet of urine and crap. "The stench from the house was so bad, you could drive down the street with your window down in your car and you could smell it as you got within a house or so. Literally, people have gone over there and thrown up” says Gomberg.

This is not the stairway to heaven, it's littered with feces, but the stench is slightly less horrific since a neighbor ripped out the carpet and cleaned up a bit.

Despite the filthy conditions, Gomberg says it`s a steal. If it was in perfect shape it might go for $300 to $320,000. "You’re getting it for $125,000."

That may be, but it`ll take a lot of work and money before this is someone`s "home sweet home".



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