Firefighters smash windows of BMW parked in front of fire hydrant

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BOSTON, MA – We all know parking in front of fire hydrants is a big no-no. But if the threat of being towed isn’t enough to make you think twice, take a look at these photos.

When the driver of this BMW parked in front of a hydrant in Boston, he or she probably thought, “It’ll be fine. What are the odds of a fire happening right now?”

That’s where, it seems, fate steps in.

A fire started in the apartment houses next to the hydrant, so firefighters did what they had to do.

They smashed the windows and fed the fire hose right through the car, in a scene straight out of Hollywood.

When the hose was still too kinked up for the water to flow just right, firefighters moved the car away from the curb, with the help of some good Samaritans.

The driver returned to find the car, and probably his or her dignity, a lot worse for the wear. To add insult to injury, Boston police say they will mail a $100 ticket to the owner of the BMW.

Moral of this story? Don’t park in front of a fire hydrant, or your car might get hosed.

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