Food for Thought: a healthy gut begins before food goes into the mouth

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How many times did your mama tell you not to gulp down your food. Not only is it bad manners and makes you look like a pig, but you could also choke on your food.

At the least, you could get a tummy ache, and nobody likes one of those.

There are other ways to keep from getting stomach aches while at the same time keeping your digestive tract and body healthy.

Folks who know about these things tell us to start with prebiotics, foods that contain a lot of fiber the good gut bacteria feed on.

Those are foods like almonds; asparagus; bananas; beans; cereal grains like whole wheat, barley, and rye; greens, and onions.

Don’t forget the probiotics, the slow-cooked or fermented food with the good gut bacteria, foods like fermented vegetables, such as sauerkraut, carrots, and green beans; fermented soybeans; cultured dairy products like buttermilk and yogurt; cultured non-dairy products like coconuts or yogurt made from organic soy; and fermented condiments, like raw apple cider vinegar, my go-to drink for just about anything to do with the stomach.

We’re also told to stop eating highly processed and sugary foods and to replace them with plenty of vegetables, fruit, lean protein and complex carbs.

My gut reaction is that sounds like some pretty good food for thought.

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