Girl Scouts want girls to ‘Be a Friend First’

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PASADENA, TX – Like it or not, bullies are a part of life. No one knows this better than teenagers.

And let’s face it, young girls don’t need others to treat them maliciously, they’re hard enough on themselves.

The Girl Scouts recognize bullying and have implemented a new anti-bullying campaign to empower girls. Myriam Hudson of the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto says, “We are actually helping girls develop better friendships. We think that’s a great way to combat bullying.”

It’s called BFF… Be a Friend First.

Scout Makenzi Rosales says, “I see mostly verbal bullying and calling names.’

The Girl Scouts believe the BFF experience will give girls confidence to deal with bullies and cliques. Having a guest speaker like Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza doesn’t hurt either.

When she was younger, Esparza was also bullied so she’d likely agree with Makenzi Rosales who says, “They should think about what they’re going to say and think about how they would feel if someone said it to them.”

Whether you’re religious or not that ‘do unto others’ thing has a lot of merit.

The BFF program runs Tuesday and Saturdays through May 11th. For more information, contact Myriam Hudson at or 713-292-0287. Para Español 1-800-392-4340.

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