‘Godzilla’ El Nino is making its way to America

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SILVER SPRING, MD – The latest info from NOAA  is that the weather phenomenon known as “El Nino” is coming back, and this time it’s bigger and badder than ever before.

In fact, some folks are saying this will be the Godzilla of El Ninos.

For those who can remember the last century, the year was 1997 when a really bad El Nino did its dirty deed across the western United States.

El Nino comes around every two to seven years when the waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean warm up as much as seven degrees.

NOAA says there’s a 90-percent chance this El Nino will continue through the northern hemisphere this winter and an 85-percent chance it will last into early spring.

It looks like we can expect more rain from Arizona to Florida, with more rain and cooler temperatures in the southeast.

The folks in California and other western states could see warmer temperatures along with tons of rain, causing mudslides and floods.

But the upside to this is that this Godzilla El Nino reduces the chances for hurricanes, which will give us here in Texas more time to send good thoughts to the people out west.

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