Honesty, not the law, is the best policy

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Grego says pure, honest, intelligent communication can topple barriers that divide us.

"Indiana governor Mike Pence continues to take heat for the recently passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act - gays and lesbians claim it allows for discrimination against them by businesses. Illinois has the same law by the way - don't get caught up though, both sides have a political agenda. I say honest communication can accomplish more than any law ever could! A friend of mine who is gay ordered a piece of art on-line to commemorate the date he and his husband met, got engaged and were married. The vendor, a woman, responded apologizing that she wouldn't make it because same-sex unions are against her family values. here's in part what my friend sent back.

Granted you are a business owner and have a right to run your business however you choose. Just know I have family values as well. They just don't involve judgement towards others because of their differences. I struggled to accept my sexuality in my 20's. I tried to pray the gay away. I even married a woman, hoping that God would remove my desires for men. However, they never went away. And I know, today, that God loves me as a gay man. Shortly after being divorced, I met the man of my dreams. We have now been together 5 years, in a monogamous, loving, caring, nurturing, and committed relationship. And I know,in the eyes of God, my relationship is just as valid as yours. I would encourage you to search your heart and ask God if you're really being a shining example of a Christian by refusing sales to those who are different from you. Would you not sell to a Muslim straight couple? Or Atheists? How about people who eat shellfish?


Is that articulate or what and this is the response that he got back in return.

I do not judge you at all. As my brother in Christ I love you. I do not want to debate. I am sorry for any offense or misunderstanding. I will send you your sign as a gift and I will ship it out as soon as possible.

Pure, honest, "intelligent" communication.. can topple barriers that divide us!"

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