Houston-area woman tries to buy antifreeze to kill dogs?

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KATY, TX - Was a murder plot foiled in Katy? A woman planned to poison dogs in her neighborhood, the Lakecrest Forest subdivision with antifreeze.

Employees at the O'Reilly Auto Parts store where she was trying to purchase the puppy poison wouldn't sell it to her after finding out why she wanted it.

"There's a vicious dog that's been loose for a whole week and animal control won't get it," the woman claims in a video recorded by a store employee behind the counter.

The woman claims there are not one, but two dogs in her neighborhood is on the loose. For some neighbors, this seems to be a misunderstanding.

"It doesn't seem like she wouldn't do something like that because she owns four dogs," one neighbor stated.

Jeff Price, another neighbor, claims "she has her dog always running the streets, always loose, always pooping in my yard. I don't know why she has the right to try to go kill a dog, I really don't."

No word from the woman, but we did catch up with the guy who shot the video in the store.

"Right off the bat she was like, 'Do you know what kind of antifreeze kills animals?'... I tried to talk her out of it by saying 'Hey, I don't think antifreeze kills animals'... maybe to get her to sway away from her decision. She looked it up on her phone. She was pretty persistent about it, so me and my coworker declined her service, and reminded her it's illegal, and she pretty much stormed off saying she was going to WalMart....Just by posting the video ..., my intent was to basically only just make sure this dog doesn't die if anybody knows who this is, or where this dog is," Justin Weynandt recalled.

So far, this lady is all bark and no bite.


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