Houston kids celebrate Christmas in July

Houston kids celebrate Christmas in July

Seventy kids who are without homes got to spend the day playing in snow and even got gifts from Santa.

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HOUSTON, TX –  Santa Claus and snow in July? In Houston?

“I’m playing in the snow with my friends.”
That’s exactly what was happening at the “Christmas in July” party at the Star of Hope Transitional Living Center. The mini-North Pole took 750 bags of ice or 30,000 pounds to make. When the scene was finished, 800 pounds of snow covered a 45-foot square foot area.

Wayne Harryman, donates the snow for this event for the past 15 year, says,  “It’s awesome. there’s nothing better. It’s what we live for, to help other people and enjoy the thrill of giving.”

Wayne’s wife Debbie adds, “These kids have so much fun in this snow. It’s just a blast to see them smile and have such a great time. Most of the time we do it in December, but the weather was so bad, we decided to Christmas in July.”

Seventy kids who are without homes got to spend the day throwing snowballs and enjoying life, plus they even got some gifts from Santa.

Scott Arthor, PR Director at Star of Hope, says, “At Star of Hope, this is their home. They are house-less, but they are not homeless and events like this make them feel like they’re home and it makes such a difference.”

Lindsay Larson, a resident of the Star of Hope Transition Living Center, says, “This is actually really amazing. we’re originally from Pennsylvania so when we first moved to Houston about two years ago, he was always asking when can I play in the snow mom? So, so this almost like a prayer answered for him to get snow. I don’t know where else I can do this in the afternoon come out in my yard and have a pile of snow and so much happiness. And they do everything, they just answer so many prayers here. More than we even ask for. This place is amazing.”

The winter wonderland provided these kids a ball and the feeling of being home.

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