Houston mom arrested after neighbors find kids eating trash

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HOUSTON – An East Houston mother is getting a hard lesson in parenting-101. Neighbors say they found Kimberly Rodriguez’s three toddlers eating from the trash at their apartment complex on Fleming Drive.

“According to the neighbors, the children were eating banana peels out of the garbage they were so hungry,” said prosecutor Matt Harding.

And that’s not all. They say the kids were bare foot and didn’t have any jackets on.

“Neighbors say that she did this all the time. And, when the officers investigated her house, it was ill-kept, it smelled bad and there was not enough food for the children.”

Officers found Rodriguez down the street at a nearby flea market/night club and arrested her. Meanwhile, her kids were placed in CPS custody.

Man, talk about a hard lesson…one that no kid, or adult, should ever have to learn.



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