It’s Labor Day, so why are 41% of us stuck at work?!

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HOUSTON-- What's up with America? Labor Day is supposed to be a day to take off and celebrate all the accomplishments of the American worker. So why are so many of us at work? Well, for starters, 41% of employers require that somebody be at work on Labor Day, according to a Bloomberg survey.

"I am actually happy to be at work today," says Anna Fisher, who just started working at Lavo boutique in Rice Village, "My husband has his fantasy football draft. And so, he has the house to himself, and I get to come here and interact with customers."

Judy Einbinder is a Houston business owner and took this Labor Day off, "Everybody should have the day off on a day like today... Our country is so behind the rest of the world in time off for workers. And, you know, everybody needs a minute to recharge their batteries."

Maybe some of us just love working. More than four out of ten Americans didn't take even one vacation day last year, according to a Skift survey found. "I think you should take those days off, if given them," says Chloe Estrada who is not thrilled to be working Labor Day," "I think everyone deserves a break from work."

"I actually was a teacher, and I wasn't able to have a really balanced life, and so I needed to step back," says Fisher, "And I love working at Lavo where I can have a great career, I can have my family and I can take care of myself."

"I have employees of my own and they don't take vacation," says Einbinder, "And I don't know why. I wonder, 'Why are you still here? Take some days off!'"

Maybe we're working so much to get rich. (Yeah, right.) While we are producing more-- 74% more than we did in 1973 according to the Economic Policy Institute-- our pay's only gone up about 9%.

Here's a NewsFix tip for you folks out there working your butts off: take your vacation time. You've earned it! You'll get paid for it. And maybe while you're off, you can find a job that won't work you to death.

Happy Labor Day!

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