JetBlue pilot who had mid-air meltdown suing airline

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AMARILLO, TX -  Remember that JetBlue pilot who, while flying a plane full of passengers from New York to Vegas in 2012, had a bit of a breakdown?

Pilot Clayton Osbon busted out of his cockpit and screaming about Al Qaeda and Jesus. His meltdown went on until he was physically restrained, and the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas.

Ten passengers from that flight ended up suing JetBlue a few months later saying the airline should've known the pilot was going to snap.

Osbon wasn't charged with any crime after the incident because a judge said he was insane. Now, Osbon is suing the airline for nearly $15-million, saying JetBlue should've kept him from flying after he showed signs of mental illness.

It sounds crazy, but the fate of Osbon's lawsuit could shed some light on an airline's responsibility to know and report the mental-status of their employees.

It's a legal hot button, considering the co-pilot responsible for crashing the Germanwings flight into the side of a mountain earlier this month was also said to be mentally ill.

It'll be interesting to see if the court lets this suit fly or if it's grounded straight out of the gate.

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