“Justice League” Director Reveals Super Hero Costumes From New Film

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Attention, all Super Heroes! The Justice League is almost in session!

Director Zack Snyder gave an "accidental" sneak peek at some of the costumes from the highly anticipated film, which begins production in April.  Snyder tweeted this pic posing with actor Jason Momoa, who will play 'Aquaman' in the new flick.

'The Flash' has a brand new look, too, which just goes to show a super hero always needs a good look. Or else "it can turn you into something ugly," as Peter Parker discovered in Spiderman 3.

Of course, movie costumes have come a long way. It's hard to believe they used to look like something from The Creature From The Black Lagoon.  Hey, that look would make any girl scream!

So, what are Houstonian's favorite super hero costumes? News Fix took to the streets to find out. "I'd have to say rogue from x-men, because she constantly changes her form, and it changes with her," Marissa Mays said. "It's gotta be useful, right?"

Another comic book fan said, "The Incredible Hulk...because even when he's hulking out he's still wearing purple pants."

Okay, well who has the worst costume? "The worst? " he questioned. "Green Lantern- anyone who should wear a ring and that's his power is stupid."

"I'm gonna say The Incredible Hulk because they're purple shorts," Mays retorted.

"I'm gonna say Superman because I'm biased against it," Kevin Nguyen shared. "I don't like the whole underpants wearing on the outside with red underwear."

Well, you could say that super heroes like these make some villains look fashionable, as was the case with George Clooney as Batman.

But with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze, well... maybe not.

Anyway, fans will have to wait until November 2017 to see the Justice League. But in the meantime, have no fear, "The Flash" is right here on the CW.


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