Kids and hot cars – a dangerous combination

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HOUSTON, TX - To remind us of the dangers the heat can pose, today has been dubbed National Heat Stroke Awareness and Prevention Day.

Most concerning is kids who are left alone in hot cars.

In New Jersey, a toddler was rescued from a van by police while mommy dearest was shopping.

While in Oklahoma, another mom reacts after she left her toddler locked in a van, screaming " I can't believe I did that, oh my God!"

Unthinkable, but it happens all too often.

Aaron Taylor, Fire Chief of the West University Place Fire Department explained, "We want to remind everybody that that is a major issue. It can take less than ten minutes to have a fatality when they're locked inside of a vehicle."

Carol Pock said, "People who forget that, I think they should be just shot. How often is that you're going to forget your kid."

"On any given day, particularly here in August now in Houston, over triple digits and that will fry anyone. Pet or human," according to Donniel Ogorek.

So, one simple step - take your child or pet out of the car when you get out!!

Keep cool, stay hydrated and avoid staying out in the hottest part of the day.

Enjoy Heat Stroke Awareness and Prevention Day by not getting struck down.

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