Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Shotgun Pics Released

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Seattle, WA - In the haunting lyrics of Nirvana's classic song, "Come As You Are," singer Kurt Cobain swore "that I don't have a gun."

But sadly, Cobain did have a gun when he was found dead of a single gunshot wound nearly 22 years ago, according to Seattle Police.

And now for the first time the police are finally showing off that gun to the public.

Seattle PD released a series of photographs of this now-infamous shotgun that police say took the life of the 27-year-old Nirvana frontman, leaving behind his wife and daughter and legions of fans heartbroken from the loss.

So why did it take this long to see the gun?

That's because Cobain's widow Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean have been fighting the release of graphic police photos for personal and privacy reasons.

Crime scene investigators ruled that Cobain had shot himself with a shotgun after injecting himself with heroin.

But conspiracy theories abound. "There's an overiding public policy issue here as to whether the Seattle Police Department and King County Medical Examiner participated in the murder," Richard Lee, a Cobain conspiracy theorist, stated in court last year.

Conspiracy spinners believe Cobain was murdered, and that police destroyed the murder weapon.

So, police finally released the shotgun pics hoping to hush critics.

But since no graphic photographs of Cobain's body have been released, critics feel the shotgun pics prove nothing.

To them, the conspiracy rages on...  a little like a classic Nirvana song.



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