Lauryn Hill has 2 weeks to come up with $500K, or goes to jail

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laurynNEWARK, NJ – A Federal Judge is killing Lauryn Hill softly, but it’s not his song that’s doing it. It’s the two week reprieve he gave the Grammy award winning singer on her sentencing for Federal tax evasion.

She’s got till May 3rd to come up with the $504,000 she owes in back taxes, or it’s off to the slammer she goes.

Hill’s facing a year in prison for each charge. Obviously, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is more than just her 1998 album title, because only a big dummy would fail to file tax returns between 2005 & 2007, during which time the singer earned a whopping $1.8 million.

So, does this mean Lauryn’s career is finished? Are we over the Hill?

Probably not.

Gucci Mane, TI and Lil Kim all made comebacks…kind of.

Coming up with half a million bucks in two weeks, though?

That sounds like it’s almost, ‘Too Good To Be True.’

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