League City puts an end to red light cameras

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LEAGUE CITY, TX – Let’s admit it: it’s time to write the obituary for all red light cameras in the area.

We know the city of Houston gave them the ax after you voted them out. And now, other suburbs are getting turned off. In League City, this is the first day in a while where if the camera catches you running a red light you won’t get a ticket.

Yes, the cameras are there; but they’re coming down earlier than expected. On Tuesday the city council voted to pay over $400,000 and immediately cancel the contract with the company behind these. That’s about a year and a half ahead of schedule. People here recently voted to do away with these things.

A similar proposal might be submitted for a public vote in the city of Sugar Land, but a date hasn’t been set yet. In any case, this means the trend is getting a “green light” in our area, so to speak.

So no matter what’s next, drive carefully.

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