Leap Year Day Nurse Welcomes Leap Year Day Babies

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Houston - Can you guess what day it is? It's Leap Year Day, baby!

And babies born on this date have extra special powers.

Well, not exactly. But since their birthdays only come every four years, they get to age a lot slower than everybody else.

"I'm 10 years old today!" Vanessa Abraham, an R.N. at The Woman's Hospital of Texas, joyfully declared.

Yes, a nurse born on Leap Day actually helped welcome this little bundle of joy there at the hospital.

"When we found out we were pregnant, he immediately said, 'We could have a Leap Day baby!'" new mom Jennifer Husser shared, referring to her husband's prediction that this day might come.

Sure enough, along came this little one:  "Hattie Claire," proud mom Husser announced.

"To be around all these babies born on my birthday, which is a special day....it's special," Abraham said.

Meanwhile, in La Mesa, California, this father and son were also both born on February 29, although they are 40 years apart.

What are the odds of such a feat? Pretty rare! There's only a one in 2.1 million chance of a parent and child sharing a Leap Year B-day. "When it comes to February 29th, not too many people can make it to that one day!" Leap dad Fred Shekoufeh laughed.

Of course, in Leap Day years, their ages are very different. "He is five years old, and I am 15 years old," Shekoufeh joked.

One bonus is that Leap Day babies actually get to *choose* their birthdays, even when they turn 21.  "He said, 'Dad, I am a Leap Year baby....I don't know what I should do...is it going to be 28 or the first?'" Shekoufeh pondered. "I said, 'Well, I'll figure it out for you."

And of course, Leap Day babies get to choose how old they are.  "I would rather be 10 than 40!" Abraham laughed.

Well, enjoy this special day. You'll have to wait another four long years for it to roll around again!

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