Maggie’s Must-Haves: Perfect for Mom and Baby

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HOUSTON - Listen up all you new mommies, we have some Maggie's Must-Haves perfect for mom and baby.

Lifestyle expert, and mom herself Courtney Bustillos is joins Maggie to talk more about these must-haves.

• Starting at $29
• Let those curious little hands explore! ... but maybe not in the diaper mess.
• Large water-resistant changing surface with quarter inch thick foam pillow
• Sides fold up into redirection barrier with clips to hang toys
• Folds small for an on-the-go diaper clutch
• The SnoofyBee Clean Hands Changing Pad provides all the benefits of a standard portable changing station and diaper clutch plus a patent pending barrier to hang toys from and gently redirect your child's curiosity away from the mess. Once you have tried it, you will wonder where it has been all your life.
• Less stress. Less mess. More fun.

Easy Baby
• Starting at $65
• What makes Easy Baby Travelers so helpful and popular?
• Self-explanatory for anyone watching baby - Grandparents and Daycare providers approved!
• You will have confidence knowing you have all of your items at all times.
• Choose your own personal style with the many different fabrics.
• Options to carry your organizers in the carry-all tote or a backpack (a great option for Dad too).

Panty Fresh
• 4-in-1 Underwear Kit
• Provides every mom with confidence to refresh, feel good and remain hygienically clean while on the go!
• Super compact 4-In-1 sachet includes comfortable, seamless reusable underwear, a panty liner, a hygienic wet wipe and a discrete wash-me bag
• Easily stashed in purse, desk, gym bag, glovebox, etc
• Great for particularly heavy period month, a long flight that leaves you feeling anything but fresh, a laughing fit that caused some leakage, not having time to go home after work before a night out, or a strenuous workout that induced head to booty sweat (I know these are all kind of "personal" reasons, feel free to be lighthearted and jokey about it!)

Cuddle Case
• Cuddle Case - A teddy bear tablet case for kids
• Available in Pinky Promise and Bluebeary
• Customizable for your kids name
• Handles designed for sturdy grip for little hands
• prices range from $24.99 - $34.99

• Antioxidants
o Disease can`t survive in an alkaline body. Recover faster with alkaline water and antioxidants such as hydrogen and zinc.
• Runny nose
o Keep the body alkaline to reduce inflammation that causes runny noses. Make any water alkaline with the Power Pouch.
• Reduces up to 99% chlorine:
o Long-term exposure to chlorine can cause skin irritation and allergies. Protect your child by filtering you water with the Power Pouch.
• 100% Drug-free
o Drug-free, dye-free, and has no artificial flavors or colors. Heal your little one naturally with the Power Pouch.
• Power pouch is also great for Mom!
• 20 bottles is based on a 10oz baby/child-sized bottle. For adult-sized (20oz) bottles - Power pouch lasts for 10 bottles. This is what the inside packaging of the pouch will say, as we only change the box for the baby market.

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