Man charged for vandalizing cars in Spring

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s been a rough week for folks in Spring. At least twelve homeowners in the Stonebridge neighborhood got a surprise walking to their cars in the morning. An entire city block of cars with their tires slashed.

“Right now we have a count of about twenty-three vehicles, they’re owned by about twelve different people,” Sarah Roberts with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office says.

Surveillance video from one of the homes shows the perpetrator in action. Taking his time, slowly and methodically cutting tire after tire. Precinct 4 constables say the suspect in the video is Christopher Schreiber who they arrested at a bar short time later, kicked back and enjoying a few drinks. And who they also say is deaf.

“I did communicate with him very briefly with an interpreter while he was in the hold-over,” Schreiber’s attorney Woodrow Dixon said. “The judge assigned him a $100,000 bond, which we’re not sure if he’s going to be able to make or not.”

Folks in the neighborhood say the slashing spree caused at least $20,000 in damage. And while it looks like Schreiber will be in jail a while, there’s little chance they’ll be getting any of that money back.

Which makes the whole ordeal all the more frustrating.

“It’s $656 worth of frustrating,” resident Desmond Mitchell said after replacing all four tires on his car.

And still no answer about what would cause someone folks here say they’ve never met before, to do so much damage.

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