Man drives down freeway with girlfriend on hood

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ATLANTA, GA – Love can take us on a wild ride. Sometimes literally.

Check out these lovebirds. You can see Leidi Amu on the hood of her boyfriend, Jonathan Sala’s car as he’s cruising down interstate 85 in Atlanta, Georgia.

‘I was begging him, and I was praying to God to not let me fell off that car,” said Leidi.

Leidi says she and Jonathan were arguing at their apartment when he flew the coop. She hopped on the hood of the car to stop him. Obviously, it didn’t work.

She says in his defense, Jonathan stopped the car but she refused to get off before he took off for the freeway. Never mind that he whipped a U-turn and could have thrown her off.

So what does mama bird have to say about it?

“I’m very angry with her. Why you so stupid?” said Viana Amu, Leidi`s mom.

Jonathan is now facing an aggravated assault charge.

“What this man is guilty of, if anything, is grotesque stupidity. He’s not guilty of a crime,” said Jonathan`s defense attorney, Stephen Mackie.

We’ll see about that. For now, Jonathan is free on bond but is not allowed to go near Leidi.

Just goes to show: it’s better to be lovebirds than angry birds.

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