Man goes to prison for accidentally sexting entire contact list

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BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – Texting is about as common as, oh, say, walking. Or falling into a fountain.

But some folks, like that Colleyville, Texas, teacher of the year, like to share a little more than a few words with friends.

It’s called sexting, when you send nasty text messages that describe sex acts or contain pictures of your private parts.

The aforementioned Colleyville teacher got in hot water after he reportedly admitted sending nasty messages and X-rated photos to a 15-year-old middle-school girl, and that`s pretty much frowned on everywhere you go.

Even in England, Craig Evans spent 18 months in prison for sexting to a couple of his female students.

But it now seems the 24-year-old swimming coach was trying to get saucy with his girlfriend by inviting her for a little ‘skin-on-skin’ activity.

And that’s where things went south for Coach Evans. Instead of sending one message to one person, his happy fingers hit the ‘send all’ button. Everyone on his Blackberry’s contact list received his special invitation, including the two students.

For some reason, no one spoke up during his trial, not friends, not colleagues, not even family members. So he went to jail for a year-and-a-half.

His lawyer finally convinced Her Majesty’s Court of Appeals that he was ‘misguided’ in the use of his blackberry.

And now it looks like he finally got his happy ending.

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