Man pulls gun on Girl Scout trying to sell cookies

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TEMECULA, CA – Thought the Denver Broncos had a bad weekend? Try being a Girl Scout with cookies to sell. Only some monsters would say otherwise.

59-year-old John Dodrill of Temecula, California was arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on a little girl selling cookies door-to-door.

Authorities aren’t sure why he did it, but the Girl Scouts father witnessed the whole thing and called the police.

Wait, daddy was there and he didn’t go all-ballistic on the guy? Then again, the NRA would probably get involved and say it was justified ‘cause the scout didn’t have enough Thin Mints. Just kidding.

Meanwhile the Girl Scouts in Palm Beach, Florida had enough cookies, just nowhere to sell them.

The Boynton Beach Mall is proclaiming that if girls want to sell cookies there it’ll cost the troop 100 bucks.

The poor little ladies only make about $0.65 cents a box. Does this make the mall a peanut butter patty pimp; wonder if the girls can pay in boxes of just dough?



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