National Review devotes edition to slamming Trump who responds by saying NR is dying

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NEW YORK, NY – Presidential primary campaigns sometimes look like the Hatfields and MCcoys taking pot shots at each other.

The Democrats have Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, with Sanders poking Clinton for taking big money from big banks, which she did, and Clinton trying to sandbag Sanders by calling him a socialist, which he is.

As for the Republicans, it looks like Donald Trump against everyone else.

And not just the other candidates and the media.

Some third-grade student in Ohio told trump in a letter that his immigration plans are bad for the country because most high-tech engineers are from India, and without them there would be no NetFlix and chill, which raises the uncomfortable question of what does a third-grader know about Netflix and chill. Just asking.

Then there’s National Review, the self-appointed voice for all conservative Republicans.

The editors now sound like Democrats by devoting the current issue to all things bad about Trump.

The editors and contributors called him “a philosophically unmoored political opportunist” who sided with President Obama when conservatives needed an ally, and who committed the worst sin of all: being a recent conservative convert.

From Las Vegas, Trump’s dismissal was like shooing a fly from his gravy. "The National Review is a dying paper. Its circulation is way down. Not very many people read it any more. I mean, people don't even think about the National Review.”

No Trump story would be complete without Texas senator Ted Cruz who insulted an entire city by claiming Trump has New York values.

Bold words for a man whose Canadian birth has created a speed bump on the campaign trail.

Frankly, we’re surprised trump hasn’t noticed Cruz’s obvious resemblance to a certain French emperor when he places his hand inside his suit jacket during the National Anthem. Sacre red, white, and blue!

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