Nationwide clown craze continues with more clown pranksters arrested, and real clowns planning to rally

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. - The nationwide clown craze seems to be getting worse!

Some are pranks, some are hoaxes, but some are real threats.

One student related a recent threat: "The clown said, 'Um, I'm going to cut your throat.'"

"Law enforcement 's saying that the threats aren't credible," Fairfield High School's Dr. Will Cushman said.

"It's not funny anymore," Kevin Patterson from Tahoma School District in Washington State insisted.

All of these clowns are pretty creepy!

In Southern California, one man caught a clown attack on camera.

Brandon Kohl was driving when a clown attacked his car.

"He went like that (thud), and I just drove away," Kohl recalled.

Meanwhile, an online video shows a killer clown beat-down.

It's hard to say whether that video is authentic or not, but real clowns are fed up with being treated as.....well.... "clowns."

So in Arizona next weekend, they're organizing a "Clown Lives Matter" rally.

Yep, real clowns are coming together to stand up for their rights!

"Clown Lives Matter" organizer Nikki Sinn said, "there [are] a lot of people who live their everyday lives like this, and they are getting death threats."

Even the guy who literally wrote the book on creepy clowns-- Stephen King-- tweeted for a "clown calm-down," saying "most of them are good......make people laugh."

Well, even women are getting in on the act, like two college students in Michigan who were arrested Thursday night for 'disorderly conduct' after scaring teens in the streets.

"We had two 14-year-old girls come into our station in absolute hysterics....terrified over this so-called prank," Roseville Police Chief James Berlin declared.

Seems like everyone wants in on the fun, but authorities say it's time to stop clowning around!


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