New study says small amount of alcohol might make you better at your job

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CHICAGO, Illinois - Need to get your creative juices flowing at work? Pour yourself a drink! New research suggests a "little bit" of alcohol could go a long way when it comes to on-the-job creative thinking. Punch-in and bottoms up.

It sounds like it was conducted by a bunch of "Mad Men", but in actuality, researchers from the University of Illinois are the ones who found a certain level of inebriation might make you better at your job. Participants in the study with a blood alcohol level of slightly under .08 percent performed better in creative tasks than their sober study counterparts. For the results, according to these researchers; a person hit's their "creative peak" at about a B.A.C of .075 percent. Sounds like a new marketing campaign, and here it is.

Makers of a new beer called "The Problem Solver" want to help workers find their creativity. The brew's bottle comes printed with a scale to help you calculate how much you need to consume to reach your creative peak. The more you weigh, the more you'll need to drink to stay at the .075 mark.

Of course, we all know most employers don't condone drinking on the job, so we suggest not trying this out at work. If you do, you might need "The Problem Solver" to help you find a new place of employment.

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