NewsFix in Space: 15 new planets discovered including ‘super-earth,’ drops of Jupiter, and a UFO caught on camera?

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OUTER SPACE - And now, it's time once again for NewsFix in Space!

Today's adventure takes us far into the heavens where scientists say they have made another big discovery.

According to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, 15 new planets have been discovered near our solar system...including a planet scientists are calling a 'super earth,' which may contain liquid water!

All the planets orbit small, cool stars known as red dwarfs.

Next month, NASA plans to launch a special satellite designed especially for exoplanet exploration.

Who knows what we might find next?

Meanwhile, a little closer to home.......the Department of Defense has released some declassified footage of what appears to be a UFO caught on camera.

The clip is from an encounter some U.S. Navy pilots had with the UFO over the east coast back in 2015.

"Oh, my gosh, dude," one pilot remarks in the video.

"Wow! What is that, man?" another pilot asks.

"Look at that flying!"

So, do you really think it's visitors from another planet?

Well, the Feds aren’t talking.

Maybe the Truth is out there?

Finally, check out what Juno has sent back from the planet Jupiter!

Juno has sent pictures of what's really happening with the clouds of Jupiter.

It's actually a lot of really deep gas.

In a study published in the journal Nature, scientists say the swirling cloud masses may extend as much as nearly 1,900 miles deep!

Yeah, the gas giant has a lot going on under all those clouds.

And there's a lot of swirling cyclones around Jupiter's north and south poles.

Who knew a gas giant could be so....mysterious?

Until next time, keep watching the skies…and keep watching NewsFix in Space!

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