NewsFix in Space: UFO spotted in Houston, NASA celebrates Hubble, and is there life on Mars?

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HOUSTON - And now, it's time once again for NewsFix in Space!

Our latest adventure takes us to the skies above the fourth largest city in America, that would be Houston, a.k.a. Space City, U.S.A, where something from another world may be visiting us!

"Object was moving north, northwest was keeping the same elevation and didn't move like balloons," UFO Jane of Texas UFOs revealed.

Just last weekend, Texas UFOs posted this video of a sort of "floating tower" hovering over the sky near The Heights area.

Word of the unexplained phenomenon spread fast!

Some say this could be a top secret sophisticated military drone, but then others think it might be something more sinister.

The UFO is definitely making quite an impression online.

"The shape is super strange, it looks to be asymmetrical and taller than it is wide," UFO Jane added.

Well, who knows what it could be?!

Meanwhile, on the Red Planet, inquiring minds want to know whether there is life on Mars.

In northern California, a team of NASA scientists are teaming up with several universities to explore lava tubes and lava caves where dark, cramped conditions could be similar to those on Mars!

"The cave environment can be so interesting because it serves as a terrestrial analogue to any extra-terrestrial surface," Kansas State University geology professor Saugata Dautta said.

Researchers hope their findings will lead to an underground rover mission to the Red Planet, answering the question: does microbial life exist on Mars?

Finally, talk about seeing stars !

NASA recently celebrated the Hubble Telescope's 28th anniversary by releasing a starry trek across our milky way galaxy, zooming all the way into the Lagoon Nebula, where many stars are born.

Now that will leave ya' star struck!

Until next time, keep watching the skies...and keep watching NewsFix in Space!


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