Nidal Hasan to join other military death row inmates

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FORT LEAVENWORTH, KS – Nobody likes a butt-in-ski, but something tells us no one is going to complain if convicted Fort Hood killer Nidal Hasan moves to the front of the line on death row.

Five former military men are ahead of him in line for execution.

Ronald Gray has been on Fort Leavenworth’s death row 25 years, since 1988. He killed two people in North Carolina.

Dwight Loving joined Gray in 1989. He also was at Fort Hood when he killed two taxi drivers, one a moonlighting soldier, the other a retired sergeant.

Another Hasan, this one Hasan Akbar killed two soldiers and wounded 14 others in Kuwait in 2003.

Andrew Witt stabbed to death a fellow airman and the man’s wife in 2004.

And Timonthy Hennis killed a woman and her two daughters in North Carolina in 1985.

Besides Nidal Hassan, he’s probably the most famous, or infamous. His first state trial was overturned and he was acquitted in the second, before the military finally convicted him.

His story became the basis for the TV miniseries ‘Innocent Victims.’

We’re pretty sure none of these mugs will mind if Hasan moves to the front of the line to become the first person executed by the military since 1961.

Wonder if anyone will be cutting in for a twirl with Chelsea Manning at the Valentine’s dance.

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