NRA opens convention with Gov. Perry and other big guns

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HOUSTON, TX – The National Rifle Association opened its national convention in Houston, and the group is bringing out the big guns.

Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Ted Cruz, and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin are among those taking shots at the Obama administration and everyone else they see as threats to the constitution.

Even rocker Ted Nugent is getting in on the act with an appearance, and a guest shot on a blog by Houston Chronicle blogger and NewsFix’s Craig Hlavity.

The governor welcomed the 70,000-plus attendees to Texas where, if one believes the governor, even God is packing a side arm: “Because in Texas, we believe in freedom, we believe in personal responsibility. We believe in the God-given right of people to have the peace of mind to defend themselves and their family.”

Obviously all of the convention speakers will be preaching to the choir, and Cruz had them shouting ‘amen’ as he pointed out the Obama administration’s failures to enforce the gun laws already on the books: “In the year 2010, over 48,000 felons and fugitives attempted to illegally buy guns. Out of that 48,000 the Obama Justice Department prosecuted 44.”

While the NRA met inside, mothers demand action was outside, taking their protests to the offices of Texas senator John Cornyn who joined with Cruz in defeating the Toomey/Mancin gun-control legislation.

“We are disgusted and ashamed that our senators voted against the Toomey/Mancin background check bill. And we just think it`s time to re-remember who they work for,” said Kelly Bowman of Moms Demand Action, Houston

When you look at it, both sides have something to say, but right now, they seem to be talking only to themselves.

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