Obama nominates Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

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WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama wants Chuck Hagel to be the first enlisted man to end up Secretary of Defense. Hagel served with his brother in Vietnam where he was wounded twice, and where the brothers ended up saving each others life.

President Reagan made him deputy administrator of the Veterans Administration. He left after two years.

He then got rich as a co-founder of Vanguard Cellular Systems before returning to Washington in 1997 as a senator from Nebraska, leaving in 2009.

Hagel’s support of Democratic candidates, including his campaign support for President Obama, has not endeared him to Senate Republicans. Neither have his views on national security, such as opposing the surges in Iraq and Afghanistan and supporting deep defense spending cuts. And then there’s that whole Israel thing.

“Chuck Hagel, if confirmed to be Secretary of Defense, would be the most antagonistic Secretary of Defense towards the state of Israel in our nation’s history,’ said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) of South Carolina. ‘Not only has he said you should directly negotiate with Iran, sanctions won’t work, that Israel must negotiate with Hamas, an organization, terrorist group that lobs thousands of rockets into Israel, he also was one of 12 senators who refused to sign a letter to the European Union trying to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.”

John Brennan was President Obama’s other nomination. He wants Brennan to be the next director of Central Intelligence. Right now he is the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism.

He’s the guy who told the president about the Sandy Hook school killings.

Brennan would be returning to Langley. He joined the CIA after answering a want ad.  He learned Arabic and became a station chief in Saudi Arabia. He was up for the director’s job four years ago, but pulled out because of his support for enhanced interrogation used during the Bush years.

So between a Republican who’s cozy with Democrats, and a spy who may like water boarding, we can look forward to more fun and games in Washington.


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