Chastity Bra Only Unhooks for Your “True Love”

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Save the ta-tas from creeps! A new smart bra from a Japanese company claims to only unhook when it detects a woman is in love.

Called the True Love Tester it has a built in sensor that reads the woman’s heart rate signal and sends it to a special app via Bluetooth for analysis.

The app then calculates the True Love Rate based on changes in the heart rate over time.

When the True Love Rate exceeds a certain value, the bra is unhooked automatically.

No surprise, the bra was designed by men.

Hate to burst your bubble but this whole chastity belt for your breasts is the stupidest idea.

What happens if it malfunctions? Or what if you’re running? Does it just pop open and your girls are exposed? Or what if you just want to take the darn thing off to take a shower? Do you have to “love” on yourself in order to get it to open?

And not to sound like a hoochie but just because I want you to take my bra off, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m in love with you.

And that’s today’s helping of the Online Dish with Maggie.


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