Parents of American ISIS hostage plead with terrorists for information

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PRESCOTT, Az - Amid ISIS claims that American hostage Kayla Mueller was killed during a Jordanian airstrike, her parents cling to hope that she`s still alive, and they're pleading with ISIS to get in touch with them.

In a statement, Carl and Marsha Mueller said: "We have sent you a private message and ask that you respond to us privately."

ISIS captured Mueller in 2013 while she was volunteering in Syria. Always quick to show shocking images of death, ISIS has offered no proof of their claims. All they`ve shown is a collapsed building they say the 26-year old Arizona native was in during a strike.

Now the CIA is investigating the story and Jordanians say they`re being blamed as a 'PR stunt.'

"What we know about this terrorist organization is that they are liars when it comes to these things, they use these events to manipulate facts and to manipulate public opinion," said Mohammad al-Momani, Jordanian government spokesman

Jordan is unleashing airstrikes on ISIS fighters in retaliation for the execution of Jordanian pilot, Moath al Kasasbeh. ISIS burned him alive in a cage and released the video for the world to see.

Back in Mueller's hometown, Prescott Arizona, a community processes how close world terror has come. Prescott resident Beverly Hinton said, "We always think if its not touching us. its over there. its somewhere else. Its not about us. Now its about us."

The question remains, how do you believe anything ISIS reports? The bigger question: How do you stop them?


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