Pets in Missouri can breathe easier after 15-foot snake is caught

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WARREN COUNTY, MO - A Missouri neighborhood on high alert can finally breathe a sigh of relief. When pets started disappearing around Warren County, Missouri, residents thought criminals might be to blame. That is until they found out something was making a meal out of those animals.

A couple of days before the 15-foot Burmese python ended up stretched over a table, a neighbor spotted it slithering through his backyard.

Larry Fahrig says, "I was the first one to see it."

Pauline Horstdaniel adds, "I just couldn't fathom that big of a snake until I saw that sucker spread out."

Leagh Dement, a concerned mother, says, "My neighbor Larry called me over and said, `Help, we`ve got a problem.'"

The 160-pound snake didn't show itself for three more days,  until a woman woke up to her dog having a fit in the yard. It had the python pinned.

Horstdaniel says,  "I was terrified. I got my husband out of bed. He`s out there in his underwear with his gun."

The couple called a neighbor, who came over and took care of the giant snake.

Biologists say Burmese pythons aren't native to Missouri. They think it was likely someone's pet that just got too big to keep, so it got dumped in the wild.
A little reminder that truly anything can come around and bite you.

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