Plan B not working for heavy women; Contraception law goes to court

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HOUSTON, TX – Taking birth control pills is a personal decision. We get that, but now one group’s succeeded in making a federal case out of it.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal from the people at Hobby Lobby who say their religious freedom is being stifled by the Affordable Health Care Act’s requirement for businesses to provide insurance that guarantees a woman’s right to preventative care and contraceptives. Pretty crafty.

Oral arguments will begin in March, so we’ll have to wait to see what that hearing gives birth to, but we don’t have to wait to talk about oral contraceptives and the weight limits they may carry.

A European version of the morning-after pill, called Norlevo, might not work for women over 165 pounds and the same could be true for “Plan-B: One-Step Emergency Contraceptive” sold here in the U.S.

Researchers say the drug starts to lose some of that contraceptive-kick in women who weigh more the
165 Lbs and found it’s completely ineffective in women over 176 Lbs.

The French manufacturer of Norlevo says they’ll put warning labels on their packages next year and the FDA is looking into whether or not any labeling changes are needed here in the states. Sounds like a pregnant idea!

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