Political pot shots taken as democrats debate again

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FLINT, MICHIGAN - Dem democrats sure are getting feisty!  Here’s just one exchange between democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders during Sunday evening’s debate in Flint, Michigan.

Clinton interrupted Sanders by saying, “You know….” to which Sanders held his hand up in his signature style to say, “Excuse me. I’m talking.” Clinton replied, “If you’re going to talk, tell the whole story.” Sanders said, “Let me tell my story, you tell yours.” She said, “I will.”

The story is, democratic presidential hopefuls Clinton and Sanders took their debating up a notch during the debate. Trade agreements was one topic they have agreed they've disagreed on.

Clinton said, “We`re gonna stop this kind of job exporting and we`re gonna start importing and growing jobs again.” Sanders piped in with, “Very glad that Secretary Clinton has discovered religion on this issue.”

Gun control also triggered some reaction. Clinton answered a question posed by the father of a young victim during last week’s Uber driver shooting spree in Michigan. “I also believe so strongly, that giving immunity to gun makers and sellers was a terrible mistake.”

Sanders was one of the senators who voted to give immunity, but he now says he`d like to amend that original decision.

There is one area they seem to agree on. Sanders said, “We are, if elected president, going to invest a lot of money in mental health. And when you watch the republican debates, you know why we need to address the mental health.”

The primary and caucus season is not over for either political party. But here is how the candidates are faring so far.

Clinton is still leading with a dozen states choosing her in their respective primaries. They are: Alabama, American Samoa, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

She continues to feel the bern as Sanders has the following eight: Colorado, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and Vermont.

For the republicans, Donald Trump remains in the lead, but Ted Cruz is cruising close behind. The Donald has won primaries in 12 states, so far, and Cruz has bragging rights in six.

Trumps owns Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia.

Cruz has won Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Both Trump and Cruz are hoping Marco Rubio will drop out of the race so that Minnesota and Puerto Rico could be up for grabs.

The temperatures continue to rise as the campaigns continue cooking with fire. Perhaps it`s time for those who can`t stand the heat to get out of the candidate kitchen...

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