Pothole on Richmond near South Rice blowing hubcaps off cars

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HOUSTON, Texas - This week's pothole is so bad, it got decorated.  Whether by the city or citizen is uncertain.

The pothole is located on Richmond Avenue near South Rice in the Galleria area, and it's waiting to pop your hubcaps off.

"Perfect example right here, this car just drove by and lost a hub cap, so come on city, get it together" says Austin River who regularly drives the road.

Richmond Avenue is a major road, but even with all the traffic, many drivers gracefully avoid this ravine. Those who don't hear...

"sounds like; PA-BAAAM!!" said River

The worst part of the story, is that this pothole has already been patched.

"I'ts pretty bad, if you don't avoid it, obviously it's gonna mess up your tire to some degree. So, it's no good," River explained.

Bonita Fitter personally experienced the decorated crater saying.  "Didn't see the pothole, and went over it and up flew my hubcap."

Even Mayor Annise Parker isn't unfamiliar with the topic of potholes, "The number one thing I'm asked, is why can't you get the potholes fixed."

So here's one more request.

"Fix them please!" pleads River.


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