Pregnant woman steals tow truck, crashes into house

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MASSILLION, OH – There’s nothing more beautiful than the glow of a pregnant woman; until she goes “whack jack.”  Case in point of 21-year-old Sophia Davidson of Ohio who went from radiant to nuclear when the repo man came calling.

Ed Meadow, the repo man, said, “She basically said ‘Oh hell no!’ and a few whatevers.”

But Meadows kept working. Then he looked up and saw her get in his truck and speed off.

Meadows did what any quick thinking repo man would do, “I just stood there. I was dumbfounded.”

OK, maybe not.

It wasn’t difficult for police to find the 8 month pregnant, hormonally unhinged, Davidson who was dragging her car behind the tow truck and grinding the tires down to the rims. Cops chased her for seven miles until she lost control and crashed into an empty house.

The ‘mental’ mother-to-be is facing several felony charges including two counts of theft.  It doesn’t look like Davidson will be in the running for mother of the year.

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