Quanell X on River Oaks protest and what’s next

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HOUSTON, TX – Sunday’s dueling protests in Houston’s River Oaks are now part of the city’s history, with all sides claiming a piece of the victory pie.

If you missed it, hundreds of people showed up looking for justice for Trayvon Martin and to support the man who shot him, George Zimmerman.

Houston community activist Quanell X was one of the Trayvon Martin organizers. He explained to us here at NewsFix why in the world he chose to march on River Oaks, which is Sanford, Florida’s opposite in just about every way.

“We accomplished having a protest where we would say, in the fourth largest city in America, in a community that’s very affluent with the super-rich, who has been notorious with their racial profiling with their private security agencies, etc., down with racial profiling.”

Quanell X says he will now concentrate on using the momentum from Sunday’s march to address black-on-black violence, and to figure out how to get Houston’s African-American leaders to sit down to solve Houston’s community issues.

“There must be an African-American leadership summit in this city to re-evaluate our methodologies, and to create a new platform of priorities and how we go about accomplishing those said tasks for our community. Because anything that makes our community better, I guarantee it makes Houston better.”

He says he would like to do some of that talking with the people carrying signs to protest him.

“Those signs don’t bother me. I could care less about that. To me, it’s irrelevant and immaterial. But are you willing to hold signs that says ‘Can we find a way to talk? Can we find a way to sit down? Can we find a way to deal with the issues that we disagree about?'”

Talking is the easy part, as we saw Sunday. Listening is something entirely different.


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