Rasberry crazy ant invasion is already here

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PEARLAND, TX – Hello science fans, today were talking ants – specifically, nylanderia fulva.

Tom Rasberry discovered nylanderia fulva, also known as the rasberry crazy ant, in Pasadena back in 2002 but a lot has changed since then.

“The invasion of this ant is not coming it’s already here,” says Rasberry.

This non-native species is not only here; but as far south as the Texas-Mexico border, as far east as Florida and filling in the gaps in between.

“Anytime you introduce an invasive species. They don’t have the natural controls, the natural predators and they go unchecked. That’s what’s happening with this ant.”

Rasberry crazy ants don’t bite; but they’re far more destructive. They’ll love your electronics to death, shorting out the equipment.

“It alone is going to do ecological damage. The simple fact is, the ants come in such large numbers and they reproduce so rapidly, it would actually asphyxiate small animals.”

These crazy, little ants are also causing massive economic damage.

“It’s costing 100’s of millions of dollars right now and the potential is to cost billions and billions of dollars a year – not in treatment that’s just in the damage from the ants.”

Jeez, suddenly, fire ants don’t sound too bad.

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