Remember the Alamo, and don’t pee on it either!

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – An El Paso man is learning the hard way, the old Texas saying goes “Remember the Alamo” and not to “relieve” yourself on it!!

23-year-old Daniel Athens pleaded guilty to peeing on the Texas shrine a few years back, getting a felony level charge that can mean 18 months in state jail. A good lesson from another old Texas saying this whizz-kid might want to learn; “Don’t mess with Texas.”

Athens leaked on the landmark, while visiting San Antonio in 2012. Alamo rangers caught him in mid stream, leaving a puddle on the side of the historic site. Athens was arrested for public intoxication and public urination.

This isn’t the first time the Alamo has been used as an outhouse. The prince of darkness himself, British rocker Ozzy Osbourne pissed-off plenty of Texans when he urinated on the monument, way back in 1982.

Athens will have to pay a $4000 fine to repair damage to the wall of the 250-year-old mission. His sentence is scheduled for April 14. Until then, let’s hope he keeps it in his pants.

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