Simon Says: Upset a QB won’t stand for the Anthem? There’s something else I can’t stand!

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It took a quarterback to bring back the debate over free speech.

You're probably tired of Colin Kaepernick already. His choice to sit during the National Anthem before a game hit some of you hard.

Some of you have burned his jersey, while others pointed a finger at him and didn’t mean he was “Number 1!”

Yes, this whole episode reminded us how some people are all for the First Amendment and  free speech, unless of course, they  don’t agree with that speech!

We can debate that all day, but Kaepernick  got me thinking about a bigger issue: how it feels ANY show of patriotism lately just isn’t important anymore.

The next time you go to a game notice the people around you when the anthem is playing. It seems like more people are  focused on their phone and food than standing still.

Holidays like Memorial day and  Veterans Day are supposed to be about remembering sacrifices,  but they feel like they’ve become more about the beach and Bar-B-Q.

Consider this: Kaepernick sat during, “Oh, Say, Can You See,” and look who’s not saying anything at school!

California is one of a number of states , where the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t happen.
Lawsuits over the words "under God” have turned something so simple and into a moment with no justice for all.

So go ahead and argue all you want over a mediocre quarterback, but this decline of patriotism makes all of us average!

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