Sochi ‘disposing’ of stray dogs before Olympics

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SOCHI, RUSSIA – The Winter Olympics are here! But not for man’s best friend.

Sochi officials are admitting to a major pest problem. No, we’re not talking cockroaches or rats. The so-called pests in question are dogs.

The director of a pest control firm in Sochi says his company has been hired to “catch and dispose” of thousands of stray dogs in the streets. So much for loyal companions.

While officials are refusing to clarify what exactly “disposing” means, one journalist in town for the Olympics tweeted “apparently Sochi is indeed poisoning stray dogs,” after stumbling upon dogs dead in the streets. Officials originally said they were “relocating” the stray pups.

Considering the Sochi games are costing more than all previous Winter Olympics combined – a staggering $51 billion – you’d think they could afford more humane ways to deal with the dog problem. Get it together, Russia, the world is watching.



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