Some super duper Super Bowl stories

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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – We’re days away from Super Bowl 48, and boy have we got some super stories related to the Super Bowl to share with you.

The big game always brings big rivalry.

A radio station in Denver, Colorado, 99.5 The Mountain, isn’t taking any chances on jinx’n things.

They’ve banned all Seattle-based rock music from their airwaves during Super Bowl week. No Pearl Jam, Soundgarden or Nirvana allowed. Dang, that’s a lot of good rock!

And here’s something that might rock ya and shock ya.

Star Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas will have his two biggest fans cheering him on, not from the stands; but from a women’s prison in Tallahassee, Florida!

Apparently both his mother and grandmother have been incarcerated since 2000, convicted of charges related to crack cocaine.

So just as she has on so many other NFL Sundays, Dermaryius’ mom will use tape to put her son’s number “88” on the back of her khaki-colored shirt.

How sweet; and speaking of sweet.

Marshaywn Lynch landed himself a sweet deal. Skittles is releasing a limited edition of “Seattle Mix” Skittles to honor Lynch’s love for the sweet treats. Heck, we’re surprised this didn’t happen sooner; but what a special edition his already exciting week.

Sweet-tooth, Skittles lovin’ Seahawks fans can enjoy the special blue and green only Skittles, blue raspberry and green melon flavored.

They will not be available in stores; you can only bid for them online and 100% of proceeds will benefit Marshawn’s charity the Fam 1st Family Foundation.

Pretty sweet stuff!

Too bad Skittles will be the only rainbow any of the players and fans will be tasting this Super Bowl weekend! Stay warm over there!

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